Roomwear sales decision!


Suddenly, it's a problem here!
Q. What is NEW Item?💭
Titaku tik ...
A. ………… Room wear!🏠💭✨

That is right!😳Poppy New Item appears☃️🎉
Would you like to make a little special than the usual winter ...?💭
🗓 lingering 🗓
☑️12/16 (Thursday) -2/17 (Fri)✨Image Visual & LOOK release
☑️12/17 (Sun) 21:00 ✨Web release
☑️12/23 (Thursday) 21:00 to 12/26 (Sun) 21:00 ✨Web sales💐

Please look forward to the LOOK release from December 17th😌💫
I want to show you to everyone as soon as possible🎁
I'm sure my eyes will be a heart💭
⚠️In the store, we will show you a little earlier, so please check it out when you come.😌