2022 Autumn sales decision!


There are so cute items that melt
It was born again!
Poppy's fall start!

Maybe the hot days will continue as it is ...? and
I think every year at this time
"What kind of clothes should I spend this fall?"
When you think about it, it's strange and exciting!

I want you to see Poppy's new work as soon as possible ...!
From such a feeling, I usually use Poppy's Instagram
Only for everyone who has checked
Before the release of the web ... I wonder if I can show you a little flicker
I think!
Check out the story!


โ— Web release date
ใ€€8/20 21๏ผš00

โ— Limited quantity reservation sale
ใ€€8/26 21๏ผš00 - 8/29 21๏ผš00

โ— Delivery period
We will deliver it sequentially from late September to mid -October
(Shopping including knit products in late October ~
It will be delivered in the middle of 11)

It will be sold for 4 days only
Don't miss itโ™ช
Please look forward to itโ™ช