◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)
◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)

◯ Carnation pleated pants (blue)

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● Size * Place flat

Total Length








29 ~ about 53cm (with rubber)





29 ~ about 53cm (with rubber)





29 ~ about 53cm (with rubber)

* Regarding the size, the measurement is performed by hand one by one, so some gaps may occur.

* An error may occur depending on the characteristics of the fabric.

● material

・ 100% outer material polyester

・ Lining polyester 10%


● Recommended size
・ S: ~ 153cm
・ M: 154cm to 163cm
・ L: 166cm ~
* This is a guide.
Please use it as a reference.


A new blue blue appears on the popular Poppy pleats pants.
The color of the dull ice blue and the coloring of the brown meloustetch on the hem are cute. There is a wide silhouette, and the waist is rubber specification. It is an easy and cute mast hub item.

* Pocket and half pants length are lined.



Combined with T -shirts and sweatshirts, you can wear it with a wide range of tastes, such as casual outfits that can be worn comfortably and tops with narrowed waist. Because it is a high waist, it goes well with mini -length tops.

It is also recommended to pick up mellow stitch brown and match the accessories.


* For sample photography, color/specifications/design/print may differ from the one actually delivered.

The color of the product is adjusted as close to the naked eye as possible, but depending on the light at the time of shooting and the browser you have, the color may look slightly different from the real thing. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

* Due to the fabric production reasons, the product may be discontinued without the end. Please note in advance.

"Precautions when washing >>

* We use delicate fabric. Please be careful when handling.
・ Please handle according to the washing notation.

・ When washing, turn your clothes over and put them in a fine net.

・ Use fashionable dressing with less irritation detergents such as neutral detergent (fashionable detergent).

・ To prevent discoloration and color transfer, wash the dark and light colors separately.

・ Do not use a tumbler dryer. Also, dehydrate should be done in a short time.

・ If wrinkles are created after washing, we recommend that you stretch and dry.


" Regarding delivery "

[2023 My Romantic Collection]

It will be shipped from late September to mid -October.


The delivery time of other seasons where sales have ended are as follows.

[2023 Poppy See-Through Collection]

It will be shipped in early October.

* Since the delivery time differs for each product, the delivery time may vary depending on the order content. If you purchase multiple products at once, we will ship as soon as the products are available.

* Production/fabric delay due to fabric convenience/product discontinuation of product may occur. Please note that we will contact you again in that case.

You can use the payment method below.

* Credit card (VISA/Master/American Express/JCB)

* Apple Pay/Google Pay

* KOMOJU (convenience store payment)
Payable convenience store
・ Family Mart
・ Ministop
・ Daily Yamazaki

* Paidy (paid later the month)
・ What is postpaid the next month?

Through Paidy, it is a payment method that allows you to pay the amount of use for one month and pay by convenience store or bank transfer by the 10th of the following month.

All you need is an email address and a mobile phone number, so anyone can use it easily because no pre -registration or credit card is required.


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