Blue Ribbon See-Through Tops (Round Neck)
Blue Ribbon See-Through Tops (Round Neck)
Blue Ribbon See-Through Tops (Round Neck)
Blue Ribbon See-Through Tops (Round Neck)
Blue Ribbon See-Through Tops (Round Neck)

Blue Ribbon See-Through Tops (Round Neck)

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Round Neck


※こちらの商品はコンセプトストア「POPPY See-through Art Museum」にて販売中です。数に限りがございますので予めご了承ください。


The illustration of the ribbon drawn one by one with the paintGives a romantic and artistic impression.
Blue and white are mixed, and the ribbon is dynamically drawn with a smooth and smooth curve.


The long sleeve length makes the arm line beautifully fascinated, making it difficult to bulk when stacked on top. By making the waistline and sleeves a neat silhouette, a more stylish impression.
As a layered item, of course, it is an excellent thing that can be dressed in mode with one piece, and it plays an active part in the long season. It is also a nice point that it has excellent elasticity and ease of wear, has a light and comfortable touch, and has a light texture that does not feel the weight when worn.


● Size * Place flat


shoulder width


Sleeve Length






* Regarding the size, the measurement is performed by hand one by one, so some gaps may occur.
* An error may occur depending on the characteristics of the fabric.

● material

84% polyester
16% polyurethane

* Due to the cut/sewing, the arrangement of the pattern differs one by one.

* For sample photography, color/specifications/design/print may differ from the one actually delivered.

* The color of the product is adjusted as close to the naked eye as possible, but the color may look slightly different from the real thing depending on the light at the time of shooting and the browser you have. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

* Due to the fabric production reasons, it may be unavoidable to store products. Please note in advance.

<< Precautions when washing >>

* We use delicate fabric. Please be careful when handling.

・ Please handle according to the washing notation.

・ When washing with a washing machine, put it in a small net and wash it.
Delicate fabrics can be torn or scratched by being entangled or stuck with other laundry.

・ Use neutral detergent (fashionable dressing detergent) without using bleach or fluorescence.
Use a detergent with as little irritation as much as possible, as the clothes may discolor and deform.

・ To prevent discoloration and color transfer, wash the dark color separately in light color.

・ Do not leave it for a long time in wet.
It can cause odors and mold, and wrinkles may be difficult to grow.

・ Do not use a tumbler dryer.
Please note that the clothes may be damaged and may impair the texture or shrink. Also, dehydrate should be done in a short time.



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