Terms of service


Article 1 Range of these Terms

This agreement stipulates the services provided by this site.


Article 2 members

1. After approval of these Terms, complete the prescribed enrollment procedure, the person who has approved by us shall be "members".

2. If we determine that it is inappropriate to approve as a member, we may not accept the membership.

3. Only one member can register for "one member".


Article 3 Management of password

1. The membership of the password registered on this site and the responsibility for the use shall be all in the members.

2. The transfer of passwords, buying and selling, lending, etc. is prohibited at all.

3. We shall not be liable for negligence in the use of passwords by members and any damages associated with the use of third parties. The description of the intention to be made to the company using a password is regarded as a valid member's intention to fall under this password.


Article 4 Member registration information

1. Membership registration information shall shall be owned by our company, and for information that can be identified by individuals (name, address, telephone number, e -mail address), in addition to the entrustment destinations necessary for the provision of this service, as well as the members. Except for those with the consent of the disclosure by the person, in principle, we will not provide outside the company.

2. Regardless of the preceding paragraph, in the following cases, a part of the member registration information (name / address) may be disclosed without the consent of the member.

(1) If it is determined to be disadvantaged to our company and other members or third parties, to disclose it to the police or related organizations

(2) Police, court, prosecutor's office, lawyers association, consumer center, or if an institution with authority in accordance with these is requested to disclose registration information, we judge that we will respond to it.

(3) When our company determines that the disclosure is equivalent,

3. We do not allow any false declaration for all items of the registered information to be filed by members at the time of enrollment.

4. If the member's registration information is changed, the member shall immediately perform the prescribed procedure.


Article 5 Prohibition outside the range of private use

The member is also recognized by our company (including the acquisition of the third party's consent if there is a third party with the right to the information), and the information that can be obtained through our company is also duplicated. , Sales, publishing, and other private use cannot be used.


Article 6 Prohibitions of members

1. We prohibit the following or fearful acts.

(1) Acts that violate public order and morals

(2) Acts leading to criminal acts

(3) Acts that violate laws and regulations, etc.

(4) Acts that infringe the copyright and other intellectual property rights of our company and other members or third parties

(5) Acts that infringe the property, privacy, etc. of our company and other members or third parties

(6) Acts that give disadvantages to our company and other members or third parties

(7) Acts to slander and slander the Company and other members or third parties

(8) Acts that interfere with the operation of this site, etc. or damage our trust

(9) All business acts using the status of our members who do not obtain our approval

(10) Acts that are similar to the election movement or similar to this, or acts that violate laws and regulations such as the Public Office Election Law

(11) Acts to make false answers to all questionnaires that we do, including enrollment procedures

(12) Acts to send or write harmful computer programs, etc.

(13) Acts to illegally use ID and password

(14) Other acts that our company recognized as inappropriate as the members of the member


Article 7 Erasing membership qualifications

1. If the following items fall, we may delete the membership without prior notice or consent to the member.

(1) Prohibited matters specified in Article 6 and other clauses of these Terms

(2) When the declaration information of the members at the time of enrollment and the subsequent questionnaire is intentionally declared and the company acknowledges it.

(3) When the password is used or used

(4) If we have an unauthorized act that we do not recognize

(5) If there is an act that we have determined that it is inappropriate

2. When eliminating the qualification, the member shall erase all the rights held by us.


Article 8 Purchase of products

(1) Users can purchase products from us using this service.

(2) If the user wishes to purchase a product, he shall apply for the purchase of the product according to the procedure specified separately by us.

(3) In accordance with the application, click the button that the user input / registered / registered, and then click the button to place an order, and then check the order contents from us. At the time of reaching the user, a sales contract for the product shall be concluded between the user and us.

(4) Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is an improper or inappropriate act of the use of this service, we may cancel the sales agreement and take other appropriate measures.

(5) Underage users cannot purchase products using this service unless the qualified legal agent has the prior consent.


Article 9 Change of registration information

The buyer shall immediately contact us if there is a change in all or part of the name entered at the time of purchase, address or other matters. In addition, even if the change is registered, the transaction that has already been processed before the change registration shall be performed based on the information before the change.


Article 10 Payment method

(1) The amount of the product paid is the total price of the product displayed on the site, the consumption tax, shipping fee, and commission.

(2) Regarding the payment of the product purchased by this service, we shall be limited to payment methods determined by us.

(3) If you are paid by a credit card, you shall follow the conditions in which the buyer significantly contracts with the credit card company. In relation to the use of credit cards, if some dispute occurs between the buyer and the credit card company, it shall be responsibly resolved between the buyer and the credit card company.

(4) In the payment method specified in this service, and a separate contract between the buyer and the settlement company having the payment means, a separate agreement (including consent to the rules for payment methods, but this is not limited). If so, the buyer shall follow the conditions to be separately contracted with the payment company. In relation to the payment method, if some dispute occurs between the buyer and the payment company, it shall be resolved by the buyer and the payment company.


Article 11 Returns of products

We shall respond to the return of products from the purchaser in accordance with the "Special Contracts for Returns" in [Notation for Specified Commercial Transactions Law].


Article 12 Change of Terms

We may change these Terms at any time without prior notice or consent to members. The contents of the change are deemed to have been accepted by all members after one month displayed on this site. However, if an unexpected situation is expected, such as a disadvantage to a third party, the rules will be changed without waiting for the above period.


Article 13 Service interruption and stop

1. We may suspend or suspend any of our services without prior notice or consent to members:

(1) In case of regular maintenance, update, and emergency situation of this site

(2) When it is difficult to continue operating this site due to irreparable force such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.

2. We shall escape that responsibility, even in the case of disadvantages and damage to members due to the above situations.


Article 11 Change and canceled the service contents

1. We may change or cancel the service content of this site without prior notice or consent to members.

2. In the event that the service content has been changed or canceled based on the preceding paragraph, we shall be exempt from that responsibility if the member is disadvantaged or damaged.


Article 12 Suspension of service

We may suspend the service of this site for a certain notice period.


Article 13 Handling of personal information

The personal information we have collected is handled as follows. We would appreciate your agreement with a privacy policy when customers provide personal information to us.


Article 14 Exemption

1. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by members or third parties due to delayed or interruption of services on this site regardless of the reason.

2. We shall not be liable for the accuracy of information obtained through the use of the service of this site and the conformity to certain purposes.

3. We shall not be liable for any damages due to information obtained through the use of the service of this site.

4. If there is a dispute between members, other members or third parties regarding the information and services provided through this site, the members shall solve this at their own expenses and responsibilities, and will not damage us. I will do it.

5. We shall not be liable for the implementation of debts related to the trading of goods such as the sale and selling of goods between members and third parties through this site, and disputes arising on other transactions.

6. We shall not be liable for any issues that arise from the disclosure of the registration information of members based on Article 4, Paragraph 2 and 3.


Article 15

Regarding this site, if the case of a lawsuit occurs between us and members, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.


Article 16 Copyright, intellectual property rights

The content provided through this service shall be dedicated to us or a third party with legitimate rights. If there is a problem between the user or the buyer and the third party in violation of the provisions of this article, the user or the buyer will solve the issues that are responsible and cost, and to us. It shall not give damage, loss or disadvantage of.


Article 17 compliant law

The Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, effect, and interpretation of the Terms.


Article 18 Consultation and jurisdiction court

In the event of any questions or interpretation of these Terms or the interpretation of these Terms, we, the user or the buyer shall solve the speed of the consultation in accordance with the principle of faithful faith. Regarding all disputes regarding these Terms, we agree in advance that the court in charge of our location will be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.