Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)
Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)

Tulle Docking Hoodie (PINK)

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A docking hoody that makes a tulle fabric like a flower that bloomed in full bloom make you feel the coming of spring. A balloon design with plenty of volume is made with a light tulle fabric, giving an impression that does not become heavy.
The silhouette of the sleeve with a three -dimensional curve like Poppy is characteristic, and the tack is applied to the cuffs. In addition, the length of different lengths between the front and back creates a sense of omission.

You can enjoy it with a variety of tastes, such as a casual style of matching with denim pants and a romantic dress combined with a light material skirt.

It is a leading role item that is casual but eye -catching.

● Size * Place flat


shoulder width


Sleeve Length

Free size

Previous: 55cm / Back: 64cm




* Regarding the size, the measurement is performed by hand one by one, so some gaps may occur.
* An error may occur depending on the characteristics of the fabric.

● material
Sweat: 100% cotton
Flower tulle: 100% polyester
Frills tulle: 100% polyester

* For sample photography, color/specifications/design/print may differ from the one actually delivered.

* The color of the product is adjusted as close to the naked eye as possible, but the color may look slightly different from the real thing depending on the light at the time of shooting and the browser you have. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

* Due to the fabric production reasons, it may be unavoidable to store products. Please note in advance.

<< Precautions when washing >>

* We use delicate fabric. Please be careful when handling.

・ Please handle according to the washing notation.

・ For washing, be sure to put it on the net and wash your hands.

You can use the following payment methods.


*Apple Pay/Google Pay 

*paidy (paid next month)
・What is next month deferred payment?

Through Paidy, you can pay for one month's usage amount at once at a convenience store or by bank transfer by the 10th of the following month.

All you need is an email address and mobile phone number, no pre-registration or credit card required, so anyone can use it easily.


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