2024 See-Through Collection


2024 See-Through Collection
Featured by poppy

A new work of see -through tops is born

Poppy popular item, see -through item new work
"19 patterns / 26 types" are born. Full of the original textile
Specially used
We will deliver items.
This page explains the story of 6 carefully selected items.
A special layered to be combined with see -through tops
I will also introduce items.
Please find your favorite.



Romantic Landscape See-Through Tops

The smell of flowers, the sound of the river, and the natural background of the grassland swaying in the wind.
A vase with many flowers is a romantic element to express the nature that looks like Poppy.

Blooming Flower See-Through Tops

An image of sketching the moment when pink and blue flowers bloom. The background is like a water surface like an sky ... It is an artistic one that can imagine various scenes depending on the viewer.



Morning Room See-Through Tops

A new design derived from last year's popular see-through collection item "Living Room See-Through Tops".
A dazzling sunshine in the morning is inserted into a room with vivid colored furniture and flowers.



"" Truth "is always in your heart. Now, let's gently bloom the" truth "wrapped in petals."
The concept of Poppy "Bloom Collection" is drawn with various typography.A warm and gentle message phrase that snuggles up every day.

Pink Base Ribbon See-Through Tops 
(Round Neck / High Neck)

The illustration of the ribbon drawn one by one with the paint has a romantic and artistic impression.
Red, pink and white are mixed, drawing a dynamic ribbon with a smooth and smooth curve.

Rough Paint Brown Flower Chiffon See-Through Tops

With a feminine silhouetteThe flower design drawn with a rough touch like a graffiti works on the mellow brown color -based fabric.


Poppy See-Through
Information on Art Museum
In Poppy, it is a textile graphic
A limited -time concept store where you can experience the world
Open "Poppy See-Through Art Museum".

It has been created from the new Sea through item
Art drawn in many see -through materials, up to items
I will exhibit it.

It will be held for a limited time, so please take this opportunity.
Please drop in.

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I want to layer with see -through items,
Here are some recommended items.