About international delivery

[Area for international delivery]

  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • America

[Delivery carrier] 

 Basically, I will use EMS.

[Delivery amount]

You can check the price of international delivery on the product payment screen.

* The shipping cost may fluctuate depending on the settlement month due to the possibility of fluctuations in the fuel surcharge.

* It varies depending on the country, region, and weight.

The delivery fee will be borne by the customer. Please note.

[About tariffs] 

Please note that customs duties will be borne by the customer.

Compliance with all laws and regulations stipulated in the delivery country/region/state.

Customs clearance conditions vary depending on the destination, so please contact the customs institution for details.
Due to the customs clearance procedure, the delivery may be delayed from the initial delivery date. Please note.

【Regarding delivery】 

In the case of overseas delivery, there is a possibility that the time will be taken to deliver due to factors such as delay and cancellation of aircraft. Please note.

If you have any questions about the delivery status, please contact us from the inquiry form. (Please be sure to write the order number)

[Ordered products]

The order period during the display is notation in Japan time. Please be careful when purchasing.


Please note that returns and refunds cannot be made for the initial failure of the product, or if it is damaged, or if it is lost or returned without being delivered. (Based on the tracking information of the delivery carrier)