Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)
Ear curve volume skirt (White)

Ear curve volume skirt (White)

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A voluminous gathered skirt made of luxurious fabric.

By using a fabric with a three-dimensional feel decorated with delicate tulips, it creates a sophisticated impression with an artistic element.

When you unfold it, you can see a silhouette that looks like round ears.
Even though it's subtle, the design has a sense of playfulness that makes your heart flutter.

Pair it with a hoodie or sneakers for a casual look and enjoy a trendy look, or pair it with glittering shoes and accessories to make it great for any occasion.

(This is available in two sizes, S/M, and two colors: white/pink.)


●Size *Lay flat






32.5~43cm (partially elastic in the back)



32.5~43cm (partially elastic in the back)

* Regarding the size, as each item is measured by hand, there may be slight deviations.
*Depending on the characteristics of the fabric, errors may occur.

Model height (photo with light blue background): 170cm
Model wearing size: M size


Outer material: 100% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester


*Due to sample photography, the color/specifications/design/print etc. may differ from the actual product.

*The color of the product has been adjusted to be as close to the naked eye as possible, but the color may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the lighting at the time of photography and your browser. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

*Due to fabric production issues, product sales may be discontinued. Thank you for your understanding.


《Precautions when washing》

*We use delicate fabric. Please handle with care.

・Please handle according to the washing instructions.

・When washing in a washing machine, please wash in a fine net. Delicate fabrics can get tangled or caught in other laundry items, causing them to tear or get scratched.

- Do not use bleach or optical brighteners; instead use a neutral detergent (stylish detergent).
Clothes change color

・Please use detergent that is as mild as possible as it may cause deformation.

- To prevent color fading and color transfer, wash dark colors separately from light colors.

・Do not leave it in a wet state for a long time.
It may cause odor and mold, and it may make it difficult for wrinkles to smooth out.

・Do not use a tumble dryer. Please be careful as this may damage your clothes, causing them to lose their texture or shrink. Also, please dehydrate for a short time.


After payment is confirmed,5Shipped within 1 business day (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

You can use the following payment methods.


*Apple Pay/Google Pay 

*paidy (paid next month)
・What is next month deferred payment?

Through Paidy, you can pay for one month's usage amount at once at a convenience store or by bank transfer by the 10th of the following month.

All you need is an email address and mobile phone number, no pre-registration or credit card required, so anyone can use it easily.


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