Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White
Pointe (backpack) White

Pointe (backpack) White

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● Size * Place flat

Vertical side Gusset Open mouth (maximum) Inner pocket Outer pocket
free 40cm
Approximately 40cm
17.5 x 20cm
23 x 18cm

* Regarding the size, the measurement is performed by hand one by one, so some gaps may occur.
* An error may occur depending on the characteristics of the fabric.


● material

Outer fabric: 100% polyester

Lining: 100% polyester


"Let's travel lightly"
Memories and talismans that I want to bring to the future
With everything to protect me,
I hope you can travel lightly

I want to go lightly with a lot of luggage
To you who couldn't find the perfect backpack

“Pointe” is
Inspired by the elegance of the ballerina
A backpack with a fleeting, delicate, dignified and luster

Use the original quilting fabric on the entire surface.
The floral pattern and the design of the wafeline express the gorgeousness and kindness.
In addition, the scalap part of the flap is embroidered with a small floral pattern, giving a delicate impression.

The shoulder string adopts a glossy material so that it does not get too sporty.
Finished with a light design that is easy to match with feminine and girly style.

The size of the A4 size is perfect, and it is a size that is easy to use for both daily/business.

* With Poppy original plate on the back
* With bottom plate (not removable)


* For sample photography, color/specifications/design/print may differ from the one actually delivered.

* The color of the product is adjusted as close to the naked eye as possible, but the color may look slightly different from the real thing depending on the light at the time of shooting and the browser you have. Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

* Due to the fabric production reasons, the product may be discontinued without the end. Please note in advance.


<< Precautions for handling >>
・ Due to the nature of the material, this product may discolor when it is wet due to friction, rain or sweat.
・ This product emphasizes design and uses delicate material processing. Please be careful when handling it as it may be damaged.
・ Depending on the product, it may hurt your clothing when using it. Please be careful when handling it.

" Regarding delivery "

[2023 My Romantic Collection]

It will be shipped from late September to mid -October.


The delivery time of other seasons where sales have ended are as follows.

[2023 Poppy See-Through Collection]

It will be shipped in early October.

* Since the delivery time differs for each product, the delivery time may vary depending on the order content. If you purchase multiple products at once, we will ship as soon as the products are available.

* Production/fabric delay due to fabric convenience/product discontinuation of product may occur. Please note that we will contact you again in that case.

You can use the payment method below.

* Credit card (VISA/Master/American Express/JCB)

* Apple Pay/Google Pay

* KOMOJU (convenience store payment)
Payable convenience store
・ Family Mart
・ Ministop
・ Daily Yamazaki

* Paidy (paid later the month)
・ What is postpaid the next month?

Through Paidy, it is a payment method that allows you to pay the amount of use for one month and pay by convenience store or bank transfer by the 10th of the following month.

All you need is an email address and a mobile phone number, so anyone can use it easily because no pre -registration or credit card is required.


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